Development and industrialization of foods for industrial production

Suggestions of applications

Are you trying to convince your customers about the advantages of offered raw materials? Do you need to find new ways how to use them? Do you need to demonstrate utility on real examples of products? In our company, DESIGNFOODS, we will propose examples of applications, develop formulas and will arrange production of business samples, which you can then provide to your clients.

Trial formulas

Do you need to check the utility of a raw material in an application to gather enough arguments for dealing with a client or to demonstrate the possible benefits directly in front of a customer?

DESIGNFOODS will develop testing formulas for you and will help you with comparing and with a specialized analysis of tested raw materials.

Tailored development of mixtures

Would you like to offer your clients mixtures of basic raw materials for further processing? We will help you with identifying the right raw materials and will prepare optimal mix ratios.

Customer support

Do you need to convince a customer about your product’s advantages by means of a professional in the food development?
The company DESIGNFOODS will provide you with a professional, who will join you in meetings with your clients.

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