Development and industrialization of foods for industrial production

Development for special diets

Within every large group of diners we can find persons with food restrictions (dietary requirements, allergies, baby food, etc.)

We offer development of bases and ready meals according to requirements given by your dietologist. In this way you will save time, because you will not have to prepare several special portions, and also will be able to widen the choice on your menu.

Development of ready-to-cook foods

We offer development of bases, dressings, sauces, condiments and others „mis en place“, which will save you time and workforce, and will to
a large extent solve the problem of food hygiene.

Manufacturers of delicatessen

We offer counselling and services for the manufacturers of delicatessen and cold meals. Development of new products, development of ready-to-cook foods and preparations, improvement of cohesiveness of the mayonaise in salads, formulas with extended guarantee period, stabilization of the dressing and sauce textures.

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