Development and industrialization of foods for industrial production

Implementation into production

This is a transfer of an approved formula into the scale full production. The operation requires a thorough knowledge of the technology and its critical points as regards the product and hygiene. A responsible employee must evaluate a whole range of hazards, and adjust the process during the operational test in such a way so as to get the parameters of the approved product.

DESIGNFOODS offers you the services of our own production engineer who has rich experience of managing pilot and operational tests and of solving problems in the production process.

Reformulation and modernization

This activity is essential when you experience sudden failures of the supplier of raw materials, in the case of acquiring better or cheaper raw materials, following a change in the technology as a whole or of its part, or due to marketing reasons. These operations unnecessarily burthen your own R&D department and department of quality. DESIGNFOODS will help you fulfill all these tasks and you will be therefore able to proceed with other activities.

Optimization of formulas

Reduction of raw materials basis is a common trend within all larger food-processing companies, because it brings about considerable reduction of warehousing, transport, manipulation and other costs. This, often very time-consuming, task obstructs development capacities and its solution is then usually postponed for a calmer period. DESIGNFOODS offers you support, experience and relief from routine work even in this field.

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