Development and industrialization of foods for industrial production

Orientation of the company DESIGNFOODS

Development of foods for industrial production is an inevitable part of innovative process; it brings with it new products and their modernization. Specialized development is a useful means for resisting competitive pressures, and it pushes, as regards marketing, the production and distribution companies on to new markets. Funding of development department is very demanding and for many firms it is beyond their means. These companies then have to manage without key development specialists and are forced to accept temporary solutions.

The company DESIGNFOODS offers professional services in the area of food development. We specialize in development of formulas from
a culinary model, in development of laboratory samples, in assistance with pilot and operational tests, in technological counselling, etc.

Creation and launching of brand-new products on the market is becoming one of the most important factors of competitiveness and is
a condition of success for all companies. Philip Kotler, the founder of modern marketing)

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