Development and industrialization of foods for industrial production

Development of culinary models

A culinary model is actually a formula prepared traditionally from common raw materials. Following an idea, this is the first step towards
a concrete item, and it will suggest what the quality and practicability of the future product might be. Good knowledge of gastronomy and merchandise is essential in this step of the development.

DESIGNFOODS offers professional approach and rich experience of its own development cook. When creating a culinary model we take into account the catering habits of target groups. In this phase we can already start discussing taste limits and technological possibilities, and thus it is appropriate to include in the discussion not only the marketing but also the technologist, and possibly also the person responsible for the development of packaging.

Development of laboratory samples

The critical part of the development of a new product which requires accuracy, experience and willingness to constantly educate oneself. In this phase the culinary model is transformed into a formula almost ready for use in the production. Careful recording of measured parameters and keeping records of all changes between the individual versions of the formula are essential activities.

DESIGNFOODS offers you a full service when defining formulas, or consultation counselling; furthermore we offer you help with designing mixing procedures, which will best imitate the future production technology. We have rich experience with designing textures which are stable not only during the production but also during the warehousing and the final kitchen preparation.

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